Hacking the Game of Resonance

In the quest to achieve your dreams and aspirations, learning the art of manifestation can do wonders. While learning about how you can most effectively realize your goals and dreams—the help of a handy little thing called resonance can be priceless.

Resonance is a physics-based concept that offers the secret to how you can manifest whatever you desire—far faster than you would be able to if the only Universal Law you knew about was The Law of Attraction.

What Is Resonance

The word “resonance” means “to resound” and “reverberate”—to sound out together with a loud sound. Resonance is what causes many musical instruments to create the music that we can listen to and enjoy. It’s also a phenomenon that applies to human beings. We each “resonate” with our own unique energy field, vibrating with a specific pattern of frequencies.
When we read something that feels “right” to us, we will often say, “that article really resonated with me.” When we meet someone who seems to instantly “get” us, we will say, “there was something about her that resonated with me.” These statements describe the phenomenon of resonance at work. When we encounter someone that our energetic field “jives” with (meaning that our energetic field is similar to the other person’s energetic field), we actually FEEL the sensation of our vibrations matching. It’s a wonderful feeling of attraction, deep connection, and “coming home to yourself.” It feels like the most natural thing in the world. This is reassuring because if resonance is natural, and resonance is the key to manifesting what we desire, this means we’re built to be epic natural manifestors!

In a more technical sense (which will be helpful in our discussion of manifestation), resonance is the name for what occurs when one object, vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object, forces the second object to start vibrating, seemingly spontaneously. When this happens, a loud sound can be heard where there was none previously.

Getting In Tune With Manifestation

Here’s a quick rundown of an experiment that’s often used in physics classrooms to demonstrate the concept of resonance. Imagine that there are two tuning forks that have the same natural frequency (AKA rate of vibration) mounted onto “sound boxes” located just a few feet away from each other. The first tuning fork is struck, and it starts to vibrate actively, disturbing the air molecules around it and creating sound waves that produce a ringing sound. A moment later, the second tuning fork starts to actively vibrate and begins making the same sound, even though it hasn’t been physically struck. The second tuning fork starts producing sound because its natural frequency matches the natural frequency of the first tuning fork (the one that was struck). It is because their frequencies match that there is the possibility of getting a quantifiable result that can be sensed/perceived. The second tuning fork starts ringing, and what you get is a very loud sound, with the two tuning forks ringing in unison.
It’s like the second tuning fork wakes up and starts vibrating “hello” because it recognizes a family member or friend—someone who shares the same frequency. Suddenly, since the first tuning fork was struck and because the two tuning forks have the same natural frequency, both forks become aware of each other’s presence, even though they weren’t before. The two tuning forks were always there, just a few feet away from each other. They didn’t, however, recognize that the other was there because they weren’t actively vibrating at the same frequency. They weren’t ringing and were, thus, undetectable to each other. But as soon as they both started actively vibrating at the same frequency, it’s like they became “visible” to each other. It is as if they could experience each other in a physical sense. Resonance occurred.

So, what do you and your goals and dreams have to do with a couple of tuning forks in a physics classroom? Well, in a very real way, YOU are a tuning fork. Your body vibrates at a rate specific to the thoughts, sensations, and emotions that you hold at any one time. The things and experiences you desire can also be thought of as tuning forks, with their own unique frequencies–but you and your desired things and experiences are undetectable to each other because you aren’t actively vibrating at the same frequency (making a sound that allows you to “recognize” or “hear” each other, and for resonance to occur).

The Law of Attraction vs. Resonance

Imagine for a moment that you are the first tuning fork, and the thing you desire (let’s say, a vacation to Hawaii) is the second tuning fork. You’re both wearing blindfolds. So, you can’t see each other. You’ve also got earplugs in your ear, the really high-tech kind that literally block out all sound. So, you’re both sitting there in total silence, unaware that the other is there. You can only become detectable to each other if you “strike your own tuning fork,” causing the other “tuning fork” (whatever you’re trying to manifest) to make the same sound you’re making. At that moment, you have officially come into resonance. It’s only once you have come into resonance that you can “detect” each other. The manifestation is complete!

So, how do you strike your own tuning fork, putting out a call to all the things you want to do, be, and have? I’ll get into the specifics of that in a future piece, but for now, let’s take a moment to make sure we understand how working with resonance can free you from the damaging results of incorrect interpretations of The Law of Attraction’s role in the manifestation process.

Not to put The Law of Attraction down, but resonance is the REAL mechanism by which you manifest things. It’s how you can easily match your vibration to the vibration of the things you desire. Thereby causing them to appear in your life, for you to enjoy. If you understand how resonance works in the manifestation process, you understand what you need to do to in order to be a successful manifestor. Hint: it’s not trying to raise your vibration willfully. It goes much deeper than that—although happily, it’s also much more fun!

At the end of the day, while you get to do what you want to do by matching your frequency to the thing you desire, this “matching” can only happen when you’re willing to give up the idea that you need to willfully ATTRACT things into your life or struggle to raise your vibration. Then, you hop on board the resonance train instead. Believing that you must work to attract something into your life is the wrong way to look at it. In fact, looking at it this way is what holds you away from successful manifestations.

Here’s why you can never achieve resonance with your desires if you’re also holding onto the idea that you must “attract” things into your life.
If you think about it, if you’re trying to attract something into your life, it stands to reason that you believe you don’t already have that thing. In other words, the thing or experience that you desire is somewhere external to or separate from you, and you’re attempting to draw it closer to you, into your life, through sheer “magnetic” force.

This is problematic because the way the Universe works is that if you perceive, feel, or believe you don’t have something (because you think of it as being “over there,” and not yet present), and that you must attract it towards you, that “separation” or “lack” is exactly what you’ll get more of. You will literally manifest more of the LACK of whatever you want.

The Universe gives you more of what you perceive, feel, and believe. So, if your belief is “that thing is separate from me—it’s over there, and I don’t have it over here with me yet,” then the Universe will respond with “okay—if you say so!”—and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

The Scientific Explanation

That’s a bit of an esoteric explanation. So, let’s look at this in a more scientific way. As mentioned earlier, the common (yet incorrect) Law Of Attraction-based belief is that in order to attract something into your life, you need to willfully raise your frequency/ vibration in an attempt to match the “elevated” frequency/vibration of the thing or experience you want to “get.” But the truth of the manifestation process is that you can only have or experience something once you perceive, feel, and believe that you already have it. This is where resonance comes in.

Remember the tuning fork analogy from earlier? I described what’s happening between the tuning forks as the tuning forks “recognizing” each other (coming into resonance with each other) only after the first tuning fork was struck. That word—recognize—is key here. In order for two things to start actively vibrating at the same rate (thereby coming into resonance), one must first recognize the other on a vibrational level. This can only happen when the first one is “struck.” Only then, after they have “recognized” each other, will they start actively vibrating at the same rate. When they start actively vibrating at the same rate, they become visible/audible to one another, and can experience being in each other’s presence.

The crucial thing to grasp here is that the two tuning forks were always there, mere feet away from each other, but they didn’t “know” the other was there. This is how it is with life and manifestation! Everything that you desire is already here, in the present moment, exactly where you’re sitting, standing, or lying down. Whatever it is that you want is literally already here. If you are one tuning fork that desires the other tuning fork, the thing you desire was there all along.

I know this can be hard to wrap your head around because we are so trained to rely on our physical senses to determine what is “real” and present. For now, I invite you to simply entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, everything you desire is already here.

xoxo – Mel



Original article published by Amanda Aitken


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The Mantra of Compassion: Om Mani Padme Hum

“All that is visible, clings to the invisible.” ~ Novalis

The purifying and often debated mantra of Tibet: Om Mani Padme Hum is one of the most recognizable mantras in the world and appears in much religious Buddhist imagery, as well as the average chanting session for any beginner in their introduction to the world of meditation. But how much do we really understand its meaning?

While in the West, the mythology of the Greeks and Romans, as well as Christian symbolism and theology may be more familiar, the origins of Eastern mythologies are much more mysterious to us until we actually visit a specific country or take a keen interest in one aspect of it.

Even the word; Mantra, can be better understood from the root Man ‘to think’ (Greek, Menos, Latin, Mens) and the suffix Tra, which forms ‘tool’ words. According to the book – Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism, by Lama Anagarika Govinda, the mantra can be dissected and better understood as follows:


The seed-syllable of the universe, OM invokes the ever-present power of consciousness. In fact, it represents the all-encompassing consciousness, combining both sleep and waking consciousness that is experienced beyond words and thoughts on the fourth dimension.

OM is liberation, an opening up to the universe, a statement that one is ready to climb the first few rungs on the ladder towards enlightenment. This statement also extends to the claim that one will follow the path to be a Bodhisattva; cultivating what is good and swearing life-long service to helping others. ‘To awaken this consciousness was the life’s task of the Buddha.’

OM, being the first syllable in the Great Mantra, is not the ultimate goal, but the most fundamental. It is the ‘primordial sound of timeless reality’, that which resonates and reverberates within us in the timeless past, present and future.


Often known as the jewel of the mantra, MANI represents the elixir of life or the gift of immortality. The Philosopher’s stone and the task of separating the object of the alchemist’s experiments from the base elements of matter; of earth, air, fire and water present a true problem for the Buddhist monk. For where do these four elements end? Where on this universe can we find the end of matter, or something perceivable lacking in these fundamental materials?

The answer, the Buddha discovered, was in the purity and radiance of the true nature of the mind, in pure, universal consciousness. The kingdom of heaven or paradise itself can be found in such a syllable, and is often associated with the imagery of the diamond sceptre, or ‘Vajra’ in its three stages of unfolding.

It represents the highest form of attainment, the jewel in the crown and may even lead to extraordinary powers, such as a prolonged earthly life. It is the transcendence of perception then; the realization that these tangible, sensual things are in fact figments of the mind and were an illusion in the first place.

We need only master the highest form of alchemy and perform mind over matter, plunging ourselves into the seventh-class of consciousness and rise above the world of the senses into joy and bliss. It is the place where we become complete and the ‘I’ completely vanishes. It is the transformation ‘into the imperishable jewel of the adamantine mind.’


The lotus blossoming is also a well-known image associated with Buddhism, and it is here, in PADME that we meet it. Not only are we like lotus flowers growing from the mud towards the light, but this journey also represents the many past lives we must incarnate in order to experience the full spectrum of human experience.

Thus, through the many expressions of life come the various forms of approaching the light; from tantra to prana, shakti to shiva, the two dualities must exist in balance and full blossom in order to transcend. The female principle of Shakti, and raw power must join with the male principle of Shiva, and ‘resting in its own nature’ in a divine embrace before they can disappear.

You might say we must pass through the many lessons of both genders before we can step outside of the seemingly endless cycle of Samsara. The divine union can also be seen as the fullest expression of creativity… As we know, it is this and only this that leads to the miracle of the conception of life, and it can be viewed like a bridge between the two polarities; an integration of raw energies.

It is through this transcendence of dualities, much like the transcendence of the elements and matter in the previous syllable, that we find divine love and true self. The act of blossoming requires compassion, the liberation of the heart to pierce through the illusion of perception and the cycle of dualities; man and woman, night and day, life and death. For only then will all disappear and reunite with the Whole.


If OM is ascent to universality and a statement to say ‘come and get me!’, then HUM is the journey back down. One cannot be without the other; if OM is like the sun, then HUM is like the soil, a deeper experience and a completion of the cycle. ‘In the OM we open ourselves, in the HUM we give ourselves. OM is the door to knowledge, HUM is the door to the realization of this knowledge in life. HUM is a sacrificial sound.’

It’s like the traveling of energies through the various chakras, though, in this instance, the energy travels to the heavens and back down again through the various channels in the body like lightning does when reconnecting with and being reabsorbed back into the earth.

The yoga of inner fire in the seed syllable HUM can be represented by the symbol of the flame and transfiguration. But according to Tibetan Mysticism it is not the root chakra where the final part of the mantra vibrates and eventually tails off, but the heart, the centre of giving and love, where the first expressions of the Bodhisattva resound.

Needless to say HUM is the finishing line, that which vibrates out our intention to the universe before calling it back in for another round.

Read more at: Fractal Enlightenment

xoxo – Mel



Comparison is the Slippery Slope to Jealousy

Here’s the thing, sunshine.

Comparison is a bitch of a habit that will bite you in the ass every time – plain and simple.

It’s like Danielle LaPorte said, it leads to a dangerously slippery slope of jealousy. I can also say I’ve had personal experience of this just recently.

I’m a Facebook girl. I love to connect with like-minded people all over the world. And yes, on occasion, I’ll start up a conversation with an unknown person just simply because our mutual friends are personal favs, or I run across them and I’m drawn to their energy, or I get that gut feeling to connect. I’ve learned to pay attention to that – and it has served me delightfully well, I must say.

At one point, I came across one very interesting individual that I didn’t have time to visit with at the moment, but felt the nudge to connect. We had LOADS of mutual contacts, so rather than message, I opted for a quick friend request. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Later on that afternoon, she accepted my friend request AND messaged me! I was thrilled! How fun was this going to be?! We had a great conversation and she actually asked me about what it is that I do and if I knew this person or that person. Turns out – she knew my former mentor, which I was unaware of, especially given her locale. We continued to converse and she asked about my services to which my response was that if she was already having conversation with my former mentor, she would be best served to seek his advice rather than mine. I surely didn’t want to step on any professional toes and even gave her his website, some info on what he has offered in the past, and what his past rates were as well. It was a great conversation and I did end up offering a couple of book resources as her funds were minimal at the time and she couldn’t afford a session with him. I even offered to do a short Skype session with her at no charge to give her a tish of clarity. I felt sorry for the poor lady and honestly, had I not had people offer services like this to me in my early stages of this journey, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

That being said, we had a splendid conversation and I went on about my normal routines. Fast forward a week or so…

I get an email from my former mentor. Boy howdy, was that a fun one! But it just makes my example that much clearer. Within the context of this email he stated:

“I will ask you one time to please not contact those that are on my Facebook page or clients of mine. If I hear of any more people that you are contacting and offering your help to, then I will have to take this further.”

Now, given the fact that he didn’t ask anything about my conversation with this gal, just straight up accused me of trying to ramrod his business by “stealing” clients…I have to call bullshit. On top of the fact that because we’ve lived in the same area before and know many of the same people, clearly we are going to have loads of mutual contacts. And so what??? Not to mention, thinly veiled threats amuse the hell out of me and fire me up to do what I do even more so. Tell me I can’t? Um, yeah, sure. Just watch me!!!

Besides, don’t the appropriate teachers show up when we are ready for them? So who are any of us to say that we can or can’t work with an individual or not? I’ve come to understand that trying to control who we do and don’t work with is more a manifestation of our ego than simply letting Source do it’s handy work. We are all drawn together for whatever reason – even if it isn’t glaringly apparent to begin with, or ever.

I can remember telling him once that I was going to attempt to start taking some online classes from HIS previous mentor. I felt terribly guilty and was just dreading telling him, although I knew I needed to. His response? “You will gain insight and learning from a variety of teachers in your lifetime. I won’t be the only one and would never expect you to not search out other options. No need to be nervous. You almost sound like you are breaking up with me!” The nervousness and fear disappeared. Whew!!!

Which all brings me back to my original point – when we feel overly competitive or start comparing ourselves to another, we are setting ourselves up at the top of a very slippery slope to jealousy. I understand why he came at me the way he did. Extreme, unhealthy competitiveness and comparing ourselves to one another can feel really harsh and can entice us to lash out in jealousy and insecurity by means of ways that we wouldn’t normally do. It doesn’t excuse his threats and behaviors – but I now have a deeper understand and have more compassion for him and the space he was holding when he made that jab.

I do what I do within my newly established business and I love it. I know that the clients that need what I have to offer will find me or I will find them. I trust that. Source wouldn’t have been opening all of these amazing doors if it wasn’t supposed to be that way. I believe the same goes for any other healer. The people who really need what you have to offer will find you when you open yourself up and allow it to happen in whatever way Source sees it best suited for you.

Just follow the nudges, ya know? And tell that green-eyes jealousy monster to take a hike…😉

xoxo ~ Mel